Cottino Social Impact Campus

The President of the Foundation, Giovanni Cottino, Engineer, and the Rector of the Polytechnic of Turin, Guido Saracco, Professor, signed the Memorandum of Understanding to create the first campus dedicated to impact education. The goal is to generate a culture of “impact” through a new training model to underline the importance of social sustainability, not only from an environmental and economic point of view but also by integrating it into all types of […] business, for a more sustainable future. Mr. Giovanni Cottino’s dream comes true to support and promote a corporate culture with a clear social impact, embracing education and innovation in a coherent and connected way. The Project will be carried out in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin: a common vision for an ambitious initiative, the first in Italy in this sector. A private foundation and one of the best technical universities in Europe and the world working side by side to create a unique, hybrid, interconnected, and experiential place. A project to develop talent, generate knowledge, culture, and leadership through innovative training and experimentation. A unique, highly distinctive path designed for students, managers, private organizations, and institutions. The campus will be situated in a dedicated area of ​​the Turin’s Polytechnic, inside the Cittadella Politecnica, whilst the construction of a new Learning Centre is taking place. An alliance with a strong symbolic value: President Giovanni Cottino graduated from the Polytechnic of Turin in 1950, the starting point of his long entrepreneurial career. “This is the project that best interprets the core values of our Foundation. Following its phases and collaborating with solid and recognized partners for its realization is a source of satisfaction for me – explains Giovanni Cottino, President of the Foundation -. During my entrepreneurial career, I have understood the strengths that a manager must have to compete better on the market, and, in an increasingly competitive and internationalized world, we cannot overlook complete training and above all the growing and evolving future scenarios. I am glad to share this challenge with the Polytechnic of Turin and with SocialFare”. “The collaboration between our University and the Fondazione Cottino represents a unique and significant example in Italy as well as at an international level of a shared design approach of spaces, educational programs, and initiatives that may have a strong impact on the territory thus producing benefits for our society and contributing to creating new jobs and an ecosystem in which training, research, and social impact interact and enrich each other”, comments the Rector of the Polytechnic, Guido Saracco. The Cottino Impact Campus aims to become a new reference model in both the education and executive education sector in a vertical, experiential, and transformative way with a wide-ranging goal. Fondazione Cottino has identified SocialFare| Center for Social Innovation, risen from the commitment of the Congregation of the Josephites of Murialdo, as a strategic and vertical partner for the articulation and offer of the impact culture. For Father Danilo Magni, President of SocialFare and representative of the Congregation of the Josephites of Murialdo, “thanks to the Cottino Impact Campus we will be able to enhance the educational and training prototypes of inclusion and development of social enterprise that we have positively experimented in these years and invent new ones”. “Working with the Fondazione Cottino on a challenging and visionary theme such as creating cultures of impact makes us happy and aware that such an ambition can only be built with wide involvement of national and international actors”, says Laura Orestano, CEO of SocialFare.


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10 January 2020

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