Working together for a sustainable development


Fondazione Cottino creates and promotes passion as well as entrepreneurial activities, knowledge and new frontiers of know-how, everybody’s potential and talent for the common good and a better future

Project areas

From an Idea to a Company

Ricerca & Innovazione

Fondazione Cottino contributes to supporting applied scientific research and technological innovation through many instruments and ways of intervention aimed to identify and promote ideas and high-profile projects as well as develop entrepreneurship and start-ups.
A special focus is on supporting medical research to increase the levels of scientific excellence, sustaining progress in science, and developing better life conditions.
Fondazione Cottino promotes and supports entrepreneurial ideas and projects that, through technology innovation and research, can give value to human capital, sustainability, and social impact.

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Fondazione Cottino has decided to contribute and support young people in their education and training, to enhance their talents. We believe that knowledge, skills, and proactivity have a decisive influence on the development and realization of the person allowing them to face new challenges.
Better-educated young people ensure our territory and communities greater capabilities for innovation and production.

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Fondazione Cottino contributes to the support of activities aimed at responding to the needs of social categories considered more fragile than others.
It cooperates and helps organizations that work in favour of the weak by strengthening their reception and solidarity capacities.
It promotes and supports the activities of non-profit and voluntary organizations that operate locally in favour of young people, families, and the elderly

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